Photo: Naoto Hieda

Code, Remix, Break, Glitch & Dance: In this workshop, digital performance artist Naoto Hieda gives an introduction to live coding for online performances using Hydra software.

Hydra is a creative coding environment developed by Olivia Jack to create and publish visualizations in real time, especially in the web browser. Hydra is ideal for beginners and allows for the development of interactive visuals with little or no coding experience. Participants will learn how to generate glitchy images and how to use code to create their own generative aesthetic. We'll try posting results as performative gestures on social media or learn to create our own website based on them. Finally, we will create a small multimedia real-time performance in which visuals interactively respond to our bodies.

The workshop will be held in English. No technical knowledge is required. Please bring your own laptop!

Saturday, 22.04.2023
11 am-2 pm
Rentzelstraße 36 (entrance via Laufgraben)

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Workshop Lead

Naoto Hieda

Naoto Hieda is a media artist from Japan living in Germany with a background in engineering (B.Eng. at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and M.Eng. at McGill University, Canada). Naoto is currently studying at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany and works internationally for theater productions and in the visual arts. In their artistic work, they question the productive qualities of coding and speculates on new forms, post-coding through neurodiversity and live coding.