Photo: Robin Hinsch

Barrier removal is often understood as a task of audience development, of opening up new target groups. Sometimes barrier removal makes it into mediation and for a moment opens up participation in artistic practice to all. Why, in fact? What new artistic perspectives would make consistently barrier-free production possible?

We invite the makers of [in]operabilities to answer this question with examples of good practice. Emil Leske, Susanne Tod, Benjamin van Bebber and Leo Hofmann will present their practice of "multi-sensory" music making by means of practical exercises and stories from their joint music theater work. In the interplay of sign poetry, singing, haptic sound perception and technical amplification, they propose a form of music making that is not limited to hearing.

The workshop is part of [in]operabilities - an artistic research project in contemporary music theater that links the art form of opera with the question of its accessibility. In the canon and cosmos of opera, artists and interdisciplinary researchers search for forms of multisensory music-making and encounter - for collective and individual "opera-abilities".

Saturday, 29.04.2023
11 AM-3 PM
Kulturkirche Altona

By and with people from [in]operabilities: Susanne Tod, Emil Leske, Benjamin van Bebber and Leo Hofmann

The workshop will be accompanied by interpreters for German spoken language and German sign language.

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