Photo: Juha Hansen

In 2023, the festival will continue to break down barriers to make connections possible for all: Through translations of the productions, awareness workshops, encounter formats and a participation team on site. With "(link: text: Beste Gäste)" we also invite again this year artists of the independent scene and people with little contact to the scene to get to know each other over a drink and spend a festival evening together.

Barrier-free progress? Since our start as a festival team, one of the main focuses of HAUPTSACHE FREI has been on breaking down barriers. In our last festival edition as a team, we invite you and ourselves to change perspectives: In three formats we want to learn how inclusive artists curate, how inclusive working and producing can work, and make space for artists whose barrier-free practice has not yet been part of the festival.


Friday, 28.04.2023
11 AM-3 PM

At this workshop, the Hamburg-based collective Meine Damen und Herren will draw attention to barriers from their practice and explore them together with the participants: What does accessible curation mean? Read more


Saturday, 29.04.2023
11 AM-3 PM

What new artistic perspectives would make consistently barrier-free production possible? We invite the makers of [in]operabilities to answer this question together with their accomplices by means of good practice examples. Read more


Saturday, 29.04.2023
4-6 PM

Hamburg's independent scene is rich in artists of all disciplines who work and research inclusively. In our three festival editions we have not managed to give you all space in the festival. Before we show the last productions and toast to the Free Scene at the Aftershow Party, we want to try to change that and get to know all of you. Read more

Any questions?

All information about participating in the format or about our accessibility will be answered by Christopher Weymann.