Photo: Bente Stachowske

The focus "#BeyondDigital" takes a digital artistic look at the festival - without focusing on digital technologies.

This year, an interdisciplinary team of Hamburg and international artists will accompany artists will accompany the first festival week, visit performances by colleagues and develop digital artistic responses and reactions to the program. As #BeyondDigital Speculation Unit, the unit is looking for the unasked questions about digitality in the program: What interfaces were used and what political dimensions do they bring? What open source technologies could have been used? What digital policy questions are pressing? And what would the implementation of a piece in VR have looked like? The team drafts serious, humorous and perhaps also self-critical answers and prototypes, commenting on the festival in a digital diary for the entire festival community.

If you want to be part of the #BeyondDigital Speculation Unit, apply to our open call!

In addition, half-day workshops on digital artistic working methods will take place from 21. to 23.04.2023 as part of #BeyondDigital:


Friday, 21.04.2023
11 AM-2 PM

In this workshop with digital artist Gloria Schulz, you will get an introduction to motion capturing methods and an overview of current applications and their possibilities. It will also be explained which motion qualities can be transferred well into digital space. Read more


Saturday, 22.04.2023
11 AM-2 PM

Code, remix, break, glitch & dance: in this workshop, digital performance artist Naoto Hieda will give an introduction to live coding for online performances using Hydra software. Read more


Sunday, 23.04.2023
11 AM-2 PM.

In this workshop we explore unconventional theater music settings together with Leo Hofmann: we work with experimental instruments and digital interfaces and use microphones and mobile speakers as co-performers. Read more

The workshops take place at Rentzelstraße 36 (entrance via Laufgraben). No previous technical knowledge is required.